The Bonding Engineers

The specialists for your customized adhesive bond

Simply selling the best products is not enough: we are always extremely mindful of our customers' specific requirements for each and every adhesive bond. From developing a suitable adhesive through to efficient incorporation of the end product in your production process – the "Bonding Engineers" from Lohmann live up to their name.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • work with specialists with expertise of your sector
  • implement innovative technical concepts
  • a customised adhesive bond that meets all your requirements

We offer products and services across the entire value chain from a single source in the production of double-sided adhesive tapes.


The chain begins with the polymerisation of adhesives in state-of-the-art facilities, in which chemical reactions produce homopolymers from different components. 


During formulation, the adhesives are supplemented with additives to give them their distinctive characteristics. Bonding agents and resins increase adhesive strength, flame retardants prevent adhesive tapes catching fire, softeners make the adhesive more elastic and light stabilisers prevent degradation from exposure to light.


On solvent-based, dispersion-based and hotmelt machines, acrylic and rubber-based adhesives are coated on webbing materials. The adhesives can also be enhanced through crosslinking.


We laminate a variety of materials, creating product designs for specific applications.


We convert coated materials to rolls, spools and sheets of all sizes. Every connection is different and is dealt with according to the individual requirements.

Die Cutting

We use our extensive know-how and state-of-the-art technology in die-cutting to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market. Our computer-controlled die-cutting machines produce high-quality, dimensionally accurate products.

Product testing

Our extensive test procedures ensure that products satisfy all quality requirements.


Application technology specialists assist our customers with the integration of our adhesive systems into the production process.