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Reliable textile bonding and smart processes with reactive adhesive films

The variety and diversity of textiles and textile based materials is as high as the innovative capacity of the modern textile industry itself. Novel and highly demanding requirements for the joining and combining of textiles are an essential aspect of this development. With DuploTEC® SBF, the “Bonding Engineers” offer ideal technologies to manage the bonding challenges of modern textile designs. It is possible to realize durable and strong textile joints as well as tailor made and even functionalized solutions.

Temperature resistant textile composites or combinations of textiles with other materials can be processed in a smart and reliable way. Lohmann´s reactive adhesive films offer the possibility to avoid complex and time-consuming sewing processes or to create reliable textile laminates in a smart bonding way. Many years of experience in different branches and industries enable our engineers to support customers comprehensively and application related. Whether it is about quick processing textile die-cuts or pre applied adhesive components, efficiency and innovation can be realized in a smart and reliable way.

Textile reinforcements combine the advantages of unique textile properties and an easy to apply processing in a perfect symbiosis. DuploTEC® SBF is the enabling technology to allow the creation of light, functional and robust textile reinforcement structures. Design-specific and tailor shaped die cut geometries provide exceptional freedom and bonding performance to create high performance textile systems.


Example: Surgery drapes reinforcement

  • DuploTEC® SBF (Polyurethane) provides cross-linking properties and is hence robust enough to cope with frequent washing- and sterilization cycles under hospital conditions
  • As the adhesive stays flexible and elastic even after curing, it durably prevents the textile character of the laminate
  • Individual die cut geometries and even pre-laminations of the textiles with the DuploTEC® SBF adhesive film are possible

The demand for excellent surface appearances and class-A surface finishings require protracted and demanding grinding and polishing processes. This is not possible without durable and reliable polishing- and grinding materials. DuploTEC® SBF is the dependable adhesive foundation to create robust and easy-to-manufacture polishing- and grinding compounds.

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Example: Polishing pad

  • Different textile layers can be joined with the SBF adhesive film in an easy and clean manner (no bleed through)
  • Due to the reactive characteristics of DuploTEC® SBF a durable textile compound can be created, which is able to even manage aggressive abrasion-solvent environments
  • Life time optimization of the polishing system under prevention of the textile properties and polishing performance
  • On the contrary to liquid adhesive systems, the DuploTEC® SBF adhesive film guarantees a uniform and consistent thickness of the compound structure

Example: Splicing of grinding belts

  • The fast curing mechanism of the reactive adhesive film allows a quick further processing of the bonded parts (e.g. converting, slitting)
  • DuploTEC SBF builds up the same shear resistance like conventional reactive liquid adhesive systems. It can be used even when the highest stresses and strains occur. It can be used even when the highest stresses and strains occur/li>
  • Resiliency and flexibility in combination with a high-strength textile joint
  • The DuploTEC SBF bonded splice is the strongest part of the whole system (Splice can manage higher tensile forces than the basic textile itself)

It is very often the case that only multi layer constructions provide the capability to manage all the different requirements claimed for modern materials. Textiles innately deliver the best premises for these challenges and are extremely versatile in usage and characteristics. DuploTEC® SBF allows the combination of different textile materials and prevents their unique character profile. More than that, even functions and properties can be integrated or optimized by selection of the ideal DuploTEC SBF adhesive formulation.


Example: Laminate with aramid fabric

  • Very high peel resistance due to an optimally adjusted adhesion-cohesion balance
  • Easy roll-to-roll processing or heat press processing possible
  • The low curing temperatures of DuploTEC® SBF (Polyurethane) allow moderate application temperatures but generate a temperature resistant layer composition after bonding
  • A well balanced elastic-dynamic behavior of the laminate is given, even after full curing of the adhesive film
  • Storage stable pre-laminations possible
  • Constant and reliable adhesive film thicknesses guarantee consistent bond layers; down to 12µm film thickness

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